The Field Development Planning tool we've all been waiting for

Pod2's Planner

No 'Calculate' Button
No Expert Required
Actually Integrated
Schedule & forecast updates in one step
It's actually dragging and dropping? That's awesome, I don't think anyone else can do that."
This is the easiest tool in the world to update my PUD schedule and run A&D scenarios."
The stuff we care about and nothing else."
We created the Planner so that you can:
  • reduce turnover in planning teams
  • generate realistic, high-quality plans
  • allow planners to take vacations (yes, even during budget time)
  • give your team a tool that's not a frustrating disappointment
  • reduce your dependency on any one technology vendor
  • actually improve capital efficiency
Drag & Drop that does what you want
The Planner isn't just shifting things out. The scheduling logic considers all the constraints in your model and rearranges your schedule the same way a planner would, as you drag
Have your cake, and eat it too
  • The real world doesn't always follow clean, step-by-step rules
  • Pads have to be split. Jobs pause. Land pays their way out of a lease access issue
  • Set up all the rules you need, and break them when you need to
  • You get the power and efficiency of automation and the accuracy and control of rule overrides
Example of an asset template in the Planner
What's it worth?
  • To improve capital efficiency?
  • To keep planners from quitting?
  • To reduce errors in your operational schedules?
  • To spend time planning and analyzing, instead of wrestling with spreadsheets, digging through feature menus, or waiting on calculation time?
What's it cost?
  • Either $14k USD/yr per user or we discuss a company-level subscription fee
  • We've been shoulder-to-shoulder with too many people at 6pm, desperately emailing people to "free up a license." So no, we don't offer concurrent licenses.
But, what about...
Implementation Costs
There are no implementation costs, unless you need help with process design or change management.
Time to Switch
You’ll probably just need a handful of onboarding calls. Setup is easy. It’s almost like the people that built the tool spent their whole careers implementing stuff like this.
Adding Another Tool
We’re very good at building integrations, and we play nicely with others. We’ll make sure The Planner fits within your existing ecosystem.
The Cost
Compare that to the cost of a single operational delay or having to replace a planner that quit...not to mention the value of better decisions via better plans.
Still not sure?
  • Let's chat. We've committed since day 1 to never intentionally BS anyone.
  • If we can help, we'll tell you. If we can't, we'll tell you.