"You're the anti-consultant and I mean that in the best way."
Manager, Corporate Development
"That showed somebody committed to success, not billable hours."
General Manager, Offshore
"It's good to have someone here to cut the crap."
Corporate Planning Manager
"They value their neutrality and are customer focused".
Global Sales Manager
"Best consultant we've ever had."
Planning Manager

Management consultants that enable and empower you

We make you more effective.
We make your business more capable.
So that you can achieve your goals, take care of your people, and go home on time.
Three red arrows pointing down
This is where most firms put a vague description of their "proprietary" project delivery methodology that happens to have 3-5 steps that are some version of discover, design, implement...
Instead, let's get to what matters.
If we work together, we should be partners. Partnerships depend on mutual, practical trust. We're built for this. Here's how:
We're unbiased.
No kickbacks from software vendors. No army of recent graduates that we need to get billable. We intentionally stay lean so that we stay focused on the highest impact work, but have a strong network of like-minded, complementary firms to supplement when needed.
We don't bill hourly. (unless you really need us to...)
Hourly billing incentivizes consultants to stretch work and add scope. Fixed-fee projects give you budget certainty and incentivize everyone to focus on making high-value impact as fast as possible. If you go hourly, our rates range from $250-400/hr.
Projects are built to minimize your Time-to-Value, not our fees.
We don't string you along with never-ending phases. We aim to deliver results fast and help you build momentum for the changes you're trying to make.
We share and teach.
You don't want to become dependent on us. We don't want that either. That's why we include training on Change Leadership and Change Management in many of our projects so that you can be self-sufficient. You'll get our methodology, our resources and our processes.
We catalyze continuous improvement.
Every project (hopefully) is a step in the direction of a strong vision, in line with your purpose. We'll help you clarify those if you need, but we want to kick off or accelerate progress toward your vision, not control it.
Okay, so what do you actually do?
We can help in a lot of ways, but here's a sample of the type of things we do for clients.
  • Creating vision
  • Process design
  • Process improvement
  • Change management
  • Technology selection
  • Technology implementation
  • Executive alignment
  • Cross-department alignment
  • Project management
Hear it straight from a client
Our style
We'd rather be happy with who we see in the mirror than add another 0 to our net worth.
Hard conversations are valuable conversations. If a topic is sensitive, we dive right in.
We're here to help. Not to future-proof your digital transformation to maximize shareholder value.
Let's get started
You've got problems. You've got ideas. You've got things you want to get done.
If you've read to this point, there's a good chance we'd work well together. Why not book a call or send us an email to chat about what you're working on? The Make Work Suck Less Jumpstart is a great place to start.
Yes, we (probably) want you as a client. But that won't happen unless you believe in us.
That's why, up front, we'll share our knowledge. We'll tell you what to look out for. We'll tell you how we've dealt with your situation before. We'll even point you to resources in case you want to do it yourself.
Then if you want more help turning your vision into reality, you can just let us know.
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