We care about making the work-world a better place


we are damn good problem-solvers.

Matt Harriman

  • consulting
  • strategy
  • people and profit
  • 3-putts

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Josh Groves

  • technology
  • problem solving
  • data
  • tin whistle

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Chris Douvry

  • consulting
  • software development
  • Curb-isms

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Leslie Mahaffey

  • culture building
  • product management
  • sloths

Al Pacino

Doesn't work here.

Why We're Here

Work is not a source of joy or fulfillment in most people's lives. Pod2 exists to solve this problem for as many people as possible.

We do this by:

Helping companies become better places to work

Helping leaders do a better job for their people

Helping individuals find the work that's right for them

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Our Principles

This collection of quotes, laws, lessons, and inside jokes serve to remind us how we want to behave along the way to making our vision a reality.

  • Don’t be a ***k.
  • Spend less than you make.
  • Quality means value, not polish.
  • Work is important, but it’s not life or death
  • "Because that’s how we’ve done it” is never okay.
  • Something is wrong if you're not having fun.
  • Flexibility > Profit
  • Profit > Clout
  • Don’t vaz; just take a break
  • Lean into discomfort.
  • Don’t half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing.
  • Don’t get bitter, get better
  • Strong intentions, held loosely.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Never use words when a meme will do.
  • Know what you’re bad at.
  • Focus on what you’re great at.
  • Self-care before work.
  • Procrastinating is not self-care.
  • If it’s not a “f**k yes” then it’s a “no.”
  • Just do the next right thing
  • Use data and intuition together; don’t overweight either
  • Try to help, regardless of if there’s anything in it for you
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