If Simone Biles, Bill Gates, and The Rock need coaches,
why don't you?
What stories are you telling yourself?
What do you want to achieve?
Why aren't you taking action?
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Our coaches can help you get there. Give yourself the space and accountability to make work suck less for yourself and those around you. Continue reading or submit your email address to learn more.
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what people are saying
This will help me take control of my career and be more intentional as opposed to just going along.
We got through more in an hour than I've gotten from months of [previous] coaching.
Every time I'd find myself stuck, we'd talk and I'd get unstuck
Everyone has heard purpose/vision/strategy but no one [else] knows how to actually do it
What is coaching?
What it is: 1:1 open-ended conversations with a leader that has been there and is there to help you
What it's not: training, therapy, a cookie cutter approach that assumes everyone is the same
What makes our approach different: We've actually been there. We can “take off the coaching hat” and advise you based on real-world experience building businesses, teams, and ourselves
What you'll create for yourself:
  • 1. clarity of thought
  • 2. action items and accountability
What you'll get:
  • 1. a safe place to talk freely about anything (including your boss)
  • 2. resources and ideas based on real world experience
Who are the coaches?
Picture of Oscar Santollani
Picture of Matt Harriman
Oscar Santollani
Leadership Coach
Matt Harriman
Founder of Pod2
Specialties: leaders, start-up founders, sales persons, team dynamics, job interview preparation
Style: empathetic, patient and kind. Concentrates on active listening and provocative questioning
Background: Oscar has been an entrepreneur and leader for his entire career, starting a company in Argentina in the 80s (Soteica Visual MESA) which was acquired by Yokogawa in 2016. Oscar is a chemical engineer by education (University of Buenos Aires). After retiring in 2019, Oscar focused on his own personal development. He took the InnerMBA program and most recently completed the CoachRICE program at The Doerr's Institute for New Leader at Rice University. Oscar now dedicates his time to helping others through personal development coaching.
Message from Oscar: I met my wife in college and right out of school we started a chemical engineering software company. I co-led our company for 35 years, all the way from inception to exit to a Japanese firm. Throughout its existence we ensured that it was a people-first organization. We created a unique space where everybody learned, supported one another, and became a key contributor to the company. This is what I am most proud of.
From me this is personal. I love and respect every human being. I recognize in every person that they are creative, resourceful, and whole. I am ready to accompany you in your journey.
Specialties: emerging leaders, self-leadership, career changes, work/life balance, intentionality
Style: incisive, transparent, provides structure but adapts to maximize impact of time & energy
Background: Matt founded Pod2 in 2019 after holding various VP positions in a fast-growth energy tech startup.
Over 25% of his former employees are now in leadership positions of their own.
He now consults with leaders of startups and executives at Fortune 500 companies to help them do a better job for their people and their P&L.
Message from Matt: I was thrust into management at 26, made VP at 27, and exited to start my own company at 30. When my first child (of 3) was born, I realized I needed to make big changes if I was going to be the dad that I wanted to be and achieve my professional goals.
This led me to learn everything I could about how to be effective, including leadership, productivity, management, efficiency, Buddhism, Essentialism, and plenty more.
I won't claim to be an expert, but I've learned from a lot of mistakes and I know how to help people. That usually happens by drawing the best out of them, not doing things for them.
And if I can't help, I won't bullshit you.
Getting started:
We start with a Chemistry Session where you chat with a coach to see if it's a good fit.
No pressure, no sales pitch. Just a conversation to give you a taste of what coaching would be like.
If you choose to work with us after the chemistry call, we offer the following options:
12 virtual sessions over the course of 6 months
6 virtual sessions over the course of 3 months
Individual virtual
Ongoing Support
Want extra support? You can get ongoing asynchronous access to our coaches via text, Slack, email etc. for $500/month
If your company won't support you with this (they should) and it's out of your budget, we'll work with you. Go ahead and book a call and we'll find a way to make it work
If you know someone in need and you want to sponsor them, email us at leslie@pod2.co
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