Our Vision

Work is not a source of joy or fulfillment for way too many people.

Pod2 works to solve this problem from three different angles:
1. Helping companies become better places to work
2. Helping leaders do a better job for their people
3. Helping individuals find the work that’s right for them

We do not care what form this help comes in. We are not a software company, a consulting company, a training company, or a media company.

We are a purpose-driven company that will do whatever is needed to have the biggest impact on solving this problem. There are tons of things that make work suck. From inefficient processes to egotistical leaders to people that are in an industry that doesn’t suit them. From shitty excel sheets to systemic discrimination. From archaic software to bad data to suffocating bureaucracy.

These things are our enemies. We don’t care how we defeat them. All that matters is that that we win.
This is not just about making people feel good. This is about hyper-practical solutions that maximize both financial success AND job satisfaction. People AND profit. Getting what you want AND being able to sleep at night.

We’ve started with management consulting, then training on self-leadership and professional intentionality. We are starting to build software products. We will write books. We will build digital products. We might add other service businesses.

The popular advice right now is to niche down as far as possible, stay in that lane, then maybe branch out later.

That advice works extremely well if the goal is to maximize growth and profit in the near-term, but that’s not what this is.

This isn’t a #startup that we want to rocketship emoji for 3-5 years and hit the Rule of 40 so that we can sell for the best multiple. This isn’t a “play.”

Our purpose is a big one. It will not be completed in our lifetime. But we will progress this mission as far as we possibly can.

This is our life’s work. We don’t think in terms of months and quarters. We think in terms of decades and lifetimes.

We don’t care how we win. All that matters is that we do. Winning means killing things that make work suck. Making the work-world a better place.

Because of this, we’ll be playing in diverse spaces. But we’ll be transparent about our maturity in each one. We’ll have offerings that we are proven to be the best at. We’ll have spaces where we’re innovating and experimenting. Then we’ll have others where we’re exploring and researching.

Regardless of what space we interact with you in and regardless of how well versed we are in it, there are two things you should know:
1. We will never intentionally bullshit you. If we’re experimenting, we’ll tell you. If there’s someone more experienced you should consider, we’ll tell you. If we screw up, we’ll tell you. If you screw up, we’ll tell you.
2. We will not tolerate anyone who prioritizes personal gain over our company’s purpose. If they don’t aggressively care about our purpose, they won’t be here.

Things will change. We’ll learn as we go and adapt as we need to. But if we’re going to make the impact that we want on the world, we’ve got to have a direction. A vision.

And for us, this is it.

Join the Mission

There’s a movement happening. People are no longer satisfied with happiness and work being separate.

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If you have a problem that makes your job harder, your day worse, or that adds too many L’s to your P&L, email us at info@pod2.co and we’ll find a way to help.

Matt and Josh