Chris Joins Pod2

Posted by on September 9, 2021
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I’m thrilled to be joining the team at Pod2. 

I met Matt and Josh while working together at a small software start-up years ago in Houston. As a fledgling in both consulting and software, Matt and Josh both played pivotal roles in my transition from a field engineer to a technical consultant. During this time I learned that colleagues can have transformative effects on my life and my career.  When I invested in my professional relationships, I gained knowledge, joy and fulfillment in return.

Having the opportunity to work with them again, I’m ecstatic to dive into what Matt and Josh are cooking up with Pod2: an entrepreneurial and collaborative team tackling the biggest and wide-spread problem in business–workplace dissatisfaction.

Upstream planning will be my primary focus at the beginning. The interconnectedness of planning creates daily challenges in communication and decision making, and the roles of data and technology can often magnify the pain. These kinds of problems are often discussed as efficiency and profit killers, but more importantly I’ve seen how they can demoralize and drain everyone involved in the process.

At Pod2, I will leverage my prior experience in managing software implementations and process improvements to help companies navigate the changing landscape of upstream planning and solve the problems that make work frustrating and unfulfilling.

This is just the start. I’m excited to learn, adapt and grow both with Pod2 and the companies that we help…

and eliminate the office dread.